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Muganuzi Adonis Entrepreneur

Ndejje, Kampala, Uganda
Venture Industry
Nonprofit/Social Enterprise
Languages spoken
  • English
  • French
Recent Activity

What I need help with

My background as an entrepreneur

My current challenges

The challenges I am facing with my organization is on raising fundings for refugees business ideas, attract marketing for our products and on how to make income

Actions I’ve taken so far

My taken actions so far with my organization

  1. For health #advocacy:

We reached 200 women and young women on sexually transmitted diseases prevention through trainings and have shared with them some sanitary matials.

We reached 100 teenagers mothers and pregnancies on creating stategies to stop child marriage in Nakivale Refugee Settlement through trainings and counseling

We reached 85 women and young women for sexually violences prevention through trainings and counseling

Healthily we analysed that our community was running a heavy language of lack of information due to the language barrier but today they are one of decision making to avoid neganitivity in their social lives for their better health.

  1. Leadership and #entrepreneurship

After we have advocated for better Governance of the Refugee settlement,

today youth are involved in the leadership whereby, the president the whole Nakivale Refugee Settlement is a youth and most of zones/refugee villages leadership youth are involved as the promotion of gander and a mention of disabilities are represented.

After mentorship and coaching youth at about 52% youth are occupied and have become youth job creator in terms of entrepreneurship, youth have their own private intiatives, schools which employee fellow Refugees, saloon, tailoring centre, centres for empowerment, youth developmental groups and craft making.

We have reached 250 youth in different skills with local, National as International organizations, foundations and researchers.

  1. Education

We reached to support young people Refugees some school material and school fees of 100 kids in different schools.

We promoted the education for adult of 40 man and women through English training and promote 35 young people in art.

  1. Social #economic*

After business coaching and business marketing literacy place, today in Nakivale Refugee most of women and youth whom had attended our training sessions are owning business of fish selling, hairdressing, tailoring, marketing place business selling, food selling, and so on.

  1. #Peace and #Security

Reduced negative social behaviors and drug abuse in the settlement through dialogue with youth and so many others successful event in the settlement.

Affirmatively, we reached about 75% on our advocacy and which gave us a highly consideration to get a panel during the African Union youth Continental #Consultation for Youth and forced displacement in #Africa as the main theme but our debated panel as #Panalist topic was the #role of young people for the durable solutions organized by #Africa #Governance #Architectur# " AGA" at #Munyonyo Spake Resort Kampala Uganda from 2-3rd December 2019

The reason why we deserve to welcome all willing to contribute whatever they can for refugee life change to join us because we need to increase the 52% which is due to the low level of funding/lack of resorces but impact positively to 75% by 2020 if really we get funding and hope to bring positive change in Refugee community as one of the durable solution

For this 2020, I went through different interventions voicing refugees in Uganda

Contacts :



My future goals


A Fully transformed refugee, internal displaced and host community with highly eradicated levels of Poverty, unemployment thus development- minded and innovative for subsequent impact in Africa.

My motivations to work with a mentor

My motivation to working with mentors, it is because: 1. I still need to learn more from professional 2. I want to grow my network 3. Getting guidances on how to link up my organization to success to make my dreams a reality 4. Learning how to change my life and change my community especially my fellow refugees.

About my venture

Young Africans Refugees Entrepreneurs Network ( YAREN) Started 2017

Founder Executive director of YAREN the Young Africans Refugees Entrepreneurs Network

YAREN is a non-profit organization whose purpose is for a fully transformed refugee based on leadership, entrepreneurship and behavioral change to enable them realize their potential in struggle against poverty and illiteracy.

Social economically empowerment of disabilities, women, youth, teenagers mothers and pregnancies enhancing reduced child marriage, sexual violences and Sexually transmitted diseases, agriculture mainly the agribusiness

The promotion of peace and Security inter-communities; promotion of education of young people through school fees support, English for adult to avoid language barrier and training on art for talent development for young people refugees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

Mission statement: To train, to promote, to empower refugees and host community with skills which will allow them in the spirit of entrepreneurship to create their business for life change and manage them enhancing livelihood opportunities;

Ensuring access to safe water, Sanitation & hygiene, housing, relief, protection, psychosocial support, sustainable livelihoods, health services, food security and other basic needs.

Vision statement: Accepted refugee for the development and for the poor helpless refugees and host community in Uganda as around Africa.

Overall objective:

To empower Refugees, internal displaced with necessary skills, resources and knowledge that will enable them realize their potential in the struggle against the two major sounding enemies of mankind in the community thus Poverty and illiteracy / or lack of information.

Countries of operation: Uganda